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Making statement style from pieces you can wear now and love forever

An innovative recycled patchwork packing bags. Like any good design packaging tells a story.

From the factory to the atelier to your home.

Exclusive Handmade Knitwear

We Make It Custom, You Make It Yours. Wardrobe essentials custom fitted. Our products made from the highest quality materials in the world. Bespoke tailoring quality.

Reviving authentic national techniques of hand knitting passed on through generations, ANDREEVA is a designer renowned for giving a new interpretation to traditional knitting and creating her unique signature style. We offer an exclusive selection of unique hand-knitted pieces made with love and high quality yarns. It takes at least a week to create each piece to showcase our original style and elegance; the ultimate combination of tradition and impeccable workmanship. We create innovative, handmade knitted pieces of art. Our premium signature pieces, such as cardigans, dresses and sweaters are truly timeless and comfortable. They highlight the individuality of our valued customers who always make a statement for being classy, looking chiс and feeling awesome.