As a child, Olga loved to visit her grandmother‘s lovely house. During one of those stays, Olga climbed the stairs leading to an attic. It seemed to be an entirely different magical world, beckoning a little girl. Once, she found a chest there. When she opened it, she was fascinated by all the treasures she found: exquisite chiffon dresses with ruffles and frills, jackets and coats of jacquard and velvet fabric, hand-knitted sweaters, and cardigans of soft wool and down. She was captured with the shear beauty of her discovery. She has been cherishing those tender memories for apparel in the coziest corner of her heart ever since. When she became an adult, she decided to open her own atelier. All the memories of that chest with grandma’s gorgeous attire found a new life in feminine images and gained a modern craftsmanship. There appeared cardigans and dresses, coats and jackets with feathers and velvet, hand knitted sweaters executed in our signature style and made of a thread resembling fluff and fur. Every time she creates new images, Olga channels warm sensations of the outfits from that precious chest. She lovingly tries them on herself to feel that comfort. Comfort, femininity, quality and color are the essential values of ANDREEVA attire art.